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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Muppets World Tour 2014: Day 5: Do a Tap Dance!

Another day in Club Penguin and another day with the takeover! Time to do a Tap Dance! Here is how?

1. Click on the "Muppets Passport".....

and click "Find Walter"...

2. Click on Walter found in India!

Walter's message will pop-up!

Walter: Hi there! Performing with Muppets is so awesome! I oughta know! Here's your chance to show what you can do!

Members: Equip the Gold Cane and press "D" to give invitations to join other players for your act.

Non Members: Click on the gold cane icon displayed above any member penguin.

The Performance:

After Completing the act:

Walter: What a number! Couldn't have done better myself! Way to go!
Everyone: Collect the Turban Item which is actually for male penguins! (Because only male wears turbans!)

Next Act:

Fly to Russia, meet Bunsen & Beaker and Try an Experiment!

Have Fun


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