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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Muppets World Tour: Fly To France and Make Salad!

It's another day having Club penguin changed into the countries and it's awesome. Today we have to fly to France and make a Salad!

here is how to:

1. Click on the passport; and find Swedish Chef.....

2. Click the chef...

A message will pop-up.....

Swedish Chef: Allo! Yor de cheffin todee! Ja! Yous flippen de salladen, Med der chicken!
                        Bork Bork Bork!
Translation: You're the chef today! Start flipping the salad with the chicken!

Members: Equip the salad grabber and press "D" to invite members to join u!

Non Members: Click on the icon look like this to perform with anyone!

The Salad making:

After Completing:

Swedish Chef: Ooh! Veeery gooden cheffin! Seeen yor at dee stor beeog finalinalee
Translation: You're a very good chef! See you at the Big Finale!

Cool! Next Act: Fly to India and meet Walter, Do a tap dance and get the prize!

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