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Aqua Grabber Game Cheats

Below are complete tips and cheats to getting tons of Club Penguin coins to the game Aqua Grabber. You can play Aqua Grabber in Club Penguin at the Iceberg.

To find Aqua Grabber Mini Game:

  1. Pull up your map and click on the hidden iceberg.
  2. Waddle to the Grabber spotted center right on the Iceberg.

When starting Aqua Grabber, you can pick 2 levels to play in, either Calm Waters or Soda Seas. The Soda Seas level is members only.

How to Achieve This Goal:

First things first, you will need to enter the game of Aqua Grabber in order to be a step closer to earning extra coins in the game. You can access Aqua Grabber at the Ice Berg. You can use your map to teleport to the Ice Berg, or you can click the "Games" button on your map and click the "Aqua Grabber" button over in the upper right-hand corner of your map to teleport to the game. The button will be near the Ice Berg.

After you have entered the game, be sure to click "Soda Seas" and not "Calm Waters." Please note, you must be a member in order to play Soda Seas. If you're not a member, I recommend becoming one with your parents/guardians permission. There is quite a few ways to earn extra coins in Soda Seas. The very first way is extremely hard. You're going to have to catch the Mullet. To catch the Mullet, you will need to first grab a worm. After you have collected the worm in Soda Seas, use to worm to catch the yellow fish swimming around. You will then need to carry the fish all the way to the Mullet inside of the cave. Be careful! After catching the Mullet with Aqua Grabber you will then need to carry it back to the net. The Mullet WILL attempt to get away by dragging you into walls. If you hit one thing the Mullet will escape. Once at the net, drop the Mullet in and you will receive extra coins.

Another way to earn extra coins is by collecting the rare treasure. Through the little passageway the Mullet was swimming in and out of, at the bottom will be the crab and a giant pile of treasure. Let the crab steal all of the treasure. Once the crab has taken all of the treasure, the crab will then hold out the rare treasure for you to collect. The rare treasure is worth a lot of coins, so if you collect it you will then receive coins.

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