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JetPack AdventuresGame Cheats

How to Achieve This Goal: 

The very first step to achieving this 1000 coins bonus is by entering the game. You can access Jet Pack Adventure at the Beacon located at the top of the Lighthouse. For a more quicker way to get to Jet Pack Adventure, open up your map and click the button labeled, "Games" and click the Jet Pack Adventure button! 

Here comes the hard part. To get your 1000 coins bonus, you must get through every level in Jet Pack Adventure without touching a single coin. Remember, at the very end of each level, you get an extra fuel bonus for how much fuel you have left when you finish the level. If you get an extra fuel bonus, it will ruin your chance for getting the 1000 coins bonus for that time. Make sure to let your fuel run over while hovering over the landing pad at the end of the level so that you don't get the extra fuel bonus. After achieving your goal, you will also receive a stamp showing that you have gotten the 1000 coins bonus!

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