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Puffle Launch:
Puffle Rescue:
Astro Barrier:
Card Jitsu: In Card-Jitsu you need to battle other players with the cards you earn by coming right into the Dojo. Remember for all Card jitsu games (except snow) Fire beats Snow Snow beats Water and Water beats Fire. Also you have to battle Sensei when you have all belts. If you beat him you'll get a mask and you'll be able to get to wear it with your ninja suit  and use the special action,when you dance or wear it with the cloud wave bracers and vanish in mid air.

Fire: Card Jitsu Fire you have to be ready for what the other player's going to think also here's a tip. If its your turn do not choose the element you have only one card but if you have to, you have to.
Find Four:
Smoothie Smash:
Catchin' Surfs:
Dance Contest:
Bean Counters:
Treasure Hunt:
Sled Race:
System Defender:
Ice Fishing:
Pizzatron 3000: