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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Muppets World Tour Cheats 2014: Fly To Russia!

Another day and another act! Today we have to try an experiment. How?

Click on the Muppet's Passport.........

.............and click "Find Bunsen & Beaker". You will find yourself in Russia!

There u are!
Click them.....

Bunsen: Good Day! Bunsen honeydew here. Would you mind demonstrating my latest experiment? beaker has become rather skittish around them.

Members: Equip the "Beakers" and then press "D" on your keyboard or use the "Dance action" of your Club Penguin menu!

Non-Members: Click on the icon of beakers displayed above a member penguin.

The Act:

after completing:

Bunsen: Oh my! What an unexpected reaction! my formula for dehydrated water may need a slight adjustment. Yeah, right Bunsen! You should make it better. It's just my opinion to you!

Everyone: Collect the Ushanka Free Hat and click OK.

Next Act:

Fly to Brazil, meet ANIMAL and DRUM, DRUM!


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