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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quiz for Safety Sweater and Pledge!

The quiz to evade cyber bulling has started by Club Penguin. You can get a sweater called Safety Sweater by winning a simple quiz.

The answers of the quiz is here!

Q1. Which of these is safe to share online?
Ans. Your Jokes.

Q2. Who should tell if you experience something online that bothers you?
Ans. A parent, teacher, or guardian.

Q3. To be safe, treat people the way you want to be treated.
Ans. True

Q4. It's okay to share you password with:
Ans. No one but your parents

Q5. It's always a good idea to talk to a parent before joining a social website.
Ans. True

Q6. When creating online profiles, choose names that....
Ans. Gives no personal information.

Now a similar to the screen below.

You really know about online safety and how to be cool, be heard, and be safe!

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