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Monday, February 17, 2014

Language Update: Russian!

When I was waddling around the Club Penguin I saw a new language. When I clicked it I redirected to the Russian Club Penguin!

I took some snaps of Club Penguin in Russia; have a look

First Log-in Screen

When I log-in

Server sheet 1
Server sheet 2

I saw that there is nearly all of the servers are guarded by ultimate safe chat function. There are 33 servers are safe chatted out of 42.


WOW! my name in here is P193803369!

Snow Forts

The Plaza

Me adopting my new puffle Brite!
My backyard remains same!

It's awesome to see Club Penguin in Russian!

Well, penguin from Russia got a very awesome gift from CP! I hope Russian CP will be awesome in future and more servers will be added without safe chatting!


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