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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Minecraft Takeover!

Hey everyone, its your friend Xanthis. The following is an important announcement.
My channel was uses to be a club penguin channel but as soon as I announced my retirement from club penguin in Abdul's blog... Now I have a way lot options to play. Now this channel will get every games reviews and unboxings and game plays in Hindi and English language. Maybe all the other videos will be uploaded to Xanthis Gamer (releasing this April) and that channel will be only for Minecraft. I personally want to invite Abdul54 to subscribe my YouTube channel. You will get here some cool tricks to do!

Please Subscribe. 
When This post was being written the following was the latest video uploaded:

Please check my YouTube channel!

Thank You!
Waddle On!


  1. You know minecraft was one of the reasons why I've left.

    1. Yes! Now I too have a PS3... But I play GTA Online more!