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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rockhopper Arrives: Cheats!

Finally! Rockhopper has arrived and docked his ship again on the Beach!

Let's get in and:

Rockhopper: Arr! Thar be cat and dog puffles on me ship! They be drivin' me barmy! At least PH be takin' 'em to the Pet Shop.

Members can adopt these wily puffle creatures on April 17. Click OK

Let's check out the new Rockhopper's Rare Items!

And Here they are:

Free item: Pufflescape Ball Cap.
Member Items: Orange Tabby Costume at 300 coins, Blue Border Collie Costume at 300 coins and Pufflescape Ball for 250 coins.

Now let's check out "Things To Do"

WOW! what a mess! I hope that my Dog and Cat puffles will not do this!

Things To Do:

  • Drop off the cat and dog puffles!
  • Puck up more o' me favorite stinky cheese
  • Find the buried Treasure!
~ Rockhopper


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