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Friday, April 18, 2014

Party Cheats: Puffle Party 2014!

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin has finally launched my most favorite party. There are some cheats in this party too!

When you log in PH's message will popup:

PH: G'day! Welcome to Puffle Party! This her's your Puffle Progress tracker. Check it for prizes each day!

PH: You can see the new cat and dog puffle and learn about puffle tricks at the pet shop. Ace!

Understood PH! But I like to get the new free items first!

Click on the icon given by PH and.....

click Go there...

Click it.

Members: Collect the free Puffle Training Vest Item

Non Members : Get the ball hand item.

Now lets go to the Pet Shop and get Cat And Dog Puffles!

Bet when I enter the Pet Shop, I saw PH's in-game sprite was there.

click on her.....

PH: You and your Puffle can now do tricks! Congrats! They're a great way to bond with your puffles!

Okay! Thanks for telling me about these stuff! Now let's take home some new puffles!

As you can see the interference has changed! Let's first choose a cat puffle!

Choose a name: Kat! Click on Adopt

This certifies that Kat was adopted by Xanthis.

Kat will be in your igloo or backyard when you're not walking it!


Now lets take a Dog Puffle!
Choose a name: Let me think Elfy,  what will be your name! Yeah! Elfy! Click Adopt!

This certifies that Elfy was adopted by Xanthis!

Lets transform to a puffle and move around the island!

WOW! I got this many puffles? Awesome!

I will transform into.... Elfy!

Now it's time to explore the island!
First I like to go to the Puffle Park!

Whoa! Puffle Park is full of puffle games and stations to feed play, sleep and taking care!

Here is another free item for everyone!

Go o beach and click the box filled with Lavender Bunny Ears! Happy Easters!

And now the detains Elfy and I found all over the island!

There is a Frisbee disk that your pufle can throw.

There are some eating stations at the docks and Coffee Shop:

and a sleeping station at snow forts!

 From Me Xanthis and all of my Puffles, we wish you a very happy Puffle Party!


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