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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Catalog Cheats: April 2014 Clothing Catalog

Club Penguin has released their latest fashion. As the latest catalog, the latest cheats are out too! This time the catalog is full of cheats! Here it is:


Non Members:

Members Items:

First Secret
1. Click on the explorer's necklace
2. Get O'berry Necklace for 100 coins.

Second secret on the same page:

1. Click on explorer's band
2.Get Wrist wrap for only 50 coins!

Third one:
1. Click on female penguin's beak
2. Get Fringed purse for 150 coins!

The Next one:

1. Click on the Blu Doggone wearing penguin's beak
2. Get a Fish Costume for 500 coins!

Fourth remains on the same page:

1. Click on the Pink Feather Boa
2. Get Colored Hearts Hoodie for 300 coins

Fifth one:

1. Click on the Rainbow Sweep
2. Get Rainbow paint Hoodie for 300 coins


1. Click on the Purple Puffle on the T-Shirt
2. Get Galactic Hoodie for 300 coins!

All-time secret:
Click on the purple penguin's hand

Get Red Viking helmet

and click on the hand four times and get:

Blue Viking helmet.

Penguin At Work
This month's item: Pet Shop Apron
Put on this outfit and press D to feed puffles!

Untill May 6

The Muppet Maker


1. Click on the background Wall
2.Get the Jetsetter for 200 coins!


1. Click on the Shiny Slippers
2. get the Gateway for 250 coins!

1. Click on the map carried by penguin
2. Get Resort brochure 

Now the last page the Flags:

I hope you'll buy some of them and will show your awesomeness! 

This is mine:

what's yours? Tell us by taking a snapshot and uploading it. Then give me link of that image! Best penguin dress up will be announced as our "penguin Of The Month" on our blog!

This is all for now more soon!


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