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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Muppets World Tour Cheats: Now On!

Sorry, everyone as I said previously my exams are here. I was out for a while. Well here are the cheats:

First if you will login, you will see Kermit The Frog's message:

Click the arrow and...

another message will be shown!

Now click on the passport and... find ________ (ex. Find Gonzo/ Find Walter etc.).....
I am doing is Find Gonzo....

In Spain click on Gonzo sitting on a fort turret.

Found YA!
Click on him

The Great Gonzo: Hola! The great Gonzo here for the running with the bulls! Will you attempt this daring feat? Let's Do It!.

Members can equip the red cape item and press "D" on their keyboard or press the dance sign in actions to invite other players to help him.

Non Members can only click on the cape sign to join another performer's act.

The performance:

After completing Gonzo will pop out and will say:

That was cool! You really know how to roll with the hits.

Anyone can collect the after performance item for free. Click OK.


Now on 24th March Fly to France to make a salad!


First 2 Images: Saraapril
All other images : Xanthis


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