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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Muppets World Tour 2014 Cheats: Play The Maracas!

It's Mexico time and we have to find Pepe and play the maracas! Here is how:

First click on "Muppets Passport" and then click "Find Pepe"

Now  Click on Pepe sitting near the wake boards....
No <!> ? Again?

Pepe: Hola! The maracas are a beautiful instrument. I am very good playing them! See if you can shake it like Pepe, okay! Now let's moving to the beat!

Members: Equip the Mexican Maracas Hand Items and press "D" or do the dance action to invite players to join your act!

Non Members:

Click on the maracas icon above any member penguin to join their act.

The Performance:

After Act:
Pepe: That was a hot and spicy performance! You remind me of me! You should follow your passion for music, okay?
Thanks Pepe!

Everyone: Collect the free "Mexican Sombrero" hat item!

Now, wait for grand finale to perform at the stage!


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