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Friday, March 14, 2014

Catalog Cheats: Furniture & Igloo Catalog March 2014!

Club Penguin has released their Furniture & Igloo Catalog of March 2014. There are only few cheats in this catalog. Have a view:

Open Your Igloo!
To open your igloo, this time Club Penguin has launched a igloo. It's CP Airliner igloo. (Well, it's more airplane than igloo!)

Now the new and *Member's Only* items.

There are no new cheat in this catalog.

Now the oldies!

Now the first cheat of this catalog:
Click on the corner of Fish Fossil Frame and

Get the "Cave Igloo"!
The oldie!

Second Cheat:
Click on the designer Stool and get the very old

Acacia Tree!

Now, let's check out the Igloos!


and finally: the floors!

There are 2 cheats on this page:

Click on the red circled places.

If you will click 2nd circle marked place you will get:

Terracotta Tiles

And when you will click on 1st circle you will get:

Acacia Tree! Again???

Well those were the cheats for Furniture And Igloo Catalog 2014. Have fun with these new items and have fun!


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