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Friday, March 7, 2014

Catalog Cheat: Penguin Style - March 2014

Club Penguin has released the Penguin Style catalog for normal penguins now.

There are many hidden items in this catalog. Read this whole post to see all the cheats!

New background..... OK

Non-Members Items remains still same....

All New Feature... The Muppet Maker! Make your own Muppet faces and get any at 150 Coins!

Member Items

First secret item : The jetsetter
1. Click on the wall of the Night Club
2. 200 Coins Only!

Second Hidden item : The Gateway
1. Click on the Shiny Slippers
2. 250 coins only!

Third Secret item: Resort Brochure
1. Click on the map carried by the "Tourist Penguin"
2. 100 Coins only!

More member's Items

Penguin At Work : One Man Band!

Now this is a really old secret!
Get Viking's helmets!
1. Click on the penguin's flipper.

And you will get this:

and click that flipper four times in a row and you will get the:

Now get the popcorn item:
1. Click on the puffle on the belt:

And get this

Now sixth secret item:
1. Click on the pixel near the striped pirate bandanna. 
2. Get the Telescope for 100 coins only!

Now the ring master outfit:

now the seventh one: Treasure Maps
1. Click on the river nearby the mermenguin.
2. Get it for 100 coins only!

And more member's items:

Now the last update: Flags!
Yes, flags are also updated as the Club Penguin is used in many other countries too.

Latvia, Slovania, Gibraltar, Malta, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece are the counties whose flags are added to the catalog.

That's it for now. But keep an eye on this blog because something really big just will be happened soon!


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