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Monday, January 20, 2014

I am Back (Again)

Happy New Year! Penguins. I am too late to say these!

Do you know what? I was on a world tour! I visited many countries like Egypt, Russia, Greenland, Australia  and many more. And when I came back and visited this Club Penguin I saw, the Prehistoric Party 2014 is coming.

Awesome isn't it? Members can able to adopt 6 Dino Puffles!

  • Yellow Stegosaurus 
  • Pink Stegosaurus
  • Black T-REX
  • Purple T-REX
  • Blue Triceratops
  • Red Triceratops
I think the mascot of this party will be Gary and also Time Trekker 3000 is now in snow forts!


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