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Thursday, October 24, 2013

8th Anniversary Party!!

Hey guys! Abdul54 here, I'm gonna tell you the anniversary party cheats! Club Penguin turned 8!  The coffee shop got decorated like the other years. (I still can't take photo's without getting deleted) The 8th anniversary hat is in the table and if you roll over the candles you would get a stamp! (Thank's Saraapril!) The yearbook wont open for me and it shows 2 yearbooks form this year and I refreshed the page and I did other things that help make it work and it still wont open. :| (did they rush this?)

  On other news Xanthis please turn off the cursor and blog history or make it go to when i started the blog, not when you came.

                                       That's all for now... Cheese SQUASHED!


  1. I am removing the cursors and it's effect and blog memories will be back to it's default! Sorry about everything that is annoying you! And yes another thing i cannot blog for 1 month, as you have read the post that I am sick.

    1. I changed the cursor because it's look like 8th anniversary party hat.

    2. Really? How can she be sick?

  2. I'm going to blog more often then