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Monday, August 12, 2013

Fire,Water and now SNOW

Hey guys i defeated tusk and got my snow gem  so i've got half way the PLUS the snow head bandana. Also I have the full snow suit soo... yeah but here's a pic of me dancing in the dojo with all my suits (magic of editing)
and here's a pic of me in the snow dojo dancing:
and the here's a picture of me dancing in ALL dojos:
Sorry i don't have the progress pic now im going to cut this off when i take the pic.I now have the pic.
Now to train to get the last 10 items. UPDATE: I Now got all the items so im classified as a snow ninja here's a pic of a full ninja: (I made it big so you can look closely at it)

Intill then CHEESEWADDLE ON ( I should really change my catchphrase)

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