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Thursday, April 6, 2017


Ay guys im back to see what has happened to Club Pengui...
what the heck?

There is always
oh yea..

welp, gonna go back on club penguin rewritten.

Over there I actually play, since like feburary.
I know I wasn't here for months, but I have been watching how the game growed since mid-2014 and it's sad to see somethin most of my blogs are based around. But I have started on CPR and if you guys want to, I could start blogging about it. This is my igloo right now.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Minecraft Takeover!

Hey everyone, its your friend Xanthis. The following is an important announcement.
My channel was uses to be a club penguin channel but as soon as I announced my retirement from club penguin in Abdul's blog... Now I have a way lot options to play. Now this channel will get every games reviews and unboxings and game plays in Hindi and English language. Maybe all the other videos will be uploaded to Xanthis Gamer (releasing this April) and that channel will be only for Minecraft. I personally want to invite Abdul54 to subscribe my YouTube channel. You will get here some cool tricks to do!

Please Subscribe. 
When This post was being written the following was the latest video uploaded:

Please check my YouTube channel!

Thank You!
Waddle On!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Blog Shut Down!

Good Night guys it's the final ever post of this blog by me Xanthis on this blog. After all now I am in college and can't play any more Club Penguin. Good Night Everyone!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


I'm going to shut off the comments(if I even know how to) I was blogging for about 4 years and it came to a end . Good bye and Cheesewaddle on, and cheese squashed!

No Comeback!

Hey guys,

As the previous post said that Abdul54 is not comming back and he said I don't know about Xanthis. He was right. I even don't know when will I do the comeback. So don't let you hopes up.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Blog is going to Shut down

Hey guys I'm here to tell you the blog is shutting down from inactivity, as me and Xanthis has quit so I'll give this blog one or two months so somebody has to join the blog in 2 months. I'll put this blog for memories but I'll shut down the comments.

As I always say

                    CHEESE gone

PS:I'm not coming back too so don't get your hopes for me coming pack (I don't know about Xanthis though)

If you want to go to an active CP site check out here or here both link to saraapril and trainman

Thursday, August 28, 2014

GoodBye From Xanthis and Finding New Author.

Hey friends, It's me Xanthis.
I want to say that now I am leaving this blog. Now I have to concentrate for my studies. I also want to find a new author of this blog as Abdul54 has given me the full admin rights.

To apply, please give the following info in comments:

Penguin Name
Penguin Age (Must be over 45)
Member? (y/n)
Gmail Email Id (Also known as google id)
A screenshot of your penguin player card. (Send it to

Admin will picked up after any comment post.

Thanks for everyone who has viewed this blog & special thanks to Saraapril to list this blog in her blog list.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pin Cheat: Puffle Park Pin

Club Penguin has hidden their latest pin! The Puffle park Pin. It's hidden in the university! Want to get it? Follow my instructions!

  1. Pull out your map and click "Mine"
  2. Waddle inside the "University"
  3. Click on the pin found middle left of your screen. (Or I should say on the blackboard!)
You Got the pin!

This is how it look like on my player card:

Posted By:

Party Cheats: Puffle party Day 2

It's second day in Club Penguin with Puffle Party 2014! Two more free item's has been released by Club Penguin! Want to get them? Here is how:

Click on the icon:

Click Go there on the blue booth:

Click on the booth:

Members: Collect the free Blue Border Collie Hoodie Body Item!
Non Members: Get the Blue Border Ears.

Next booth (Orange Booth) will be open on 19th April!